Why Choose GlucoCare?

…because GlucoCare does what you need it to do…control hyperglycemia while eliminating hypoglycemia, and GlucoCare accomplishes this while at the same time providing the lowest possible cost to your hospital, and the least amount of work for your nurses.  We keep it simple, and focus on exactly what you need for optimal patient care in the ICU.

Pronia Medical Systems, Inc developed GlucoCare in 2007 and obtained FDA-510(k) clearance in 2008.  We are a small, yet nimble, privately held company where all decisions are made by our CEO/CMO and COO/CIO (see the About Us section for details), both of whom are the co-founders of the company.  Our focus has always been on nurses.  Nursing workload in the ICU leads to significant stress and the additional chore of following complicated paper-based glucose control protocols adds to this stress, and has been demonstrated to lead to errors that compromise optimal patient care.  GlucoCare simplifies this process.  The ONLY data that needs to be entered into GlucoCare are glucose levels….that’s it….no weight, diabetes status, multiplier (utilized for protocols other than Yale), creatinine, etc…  The Yale protocol-driven GlucoCare software keeps a record of prior glucose levels and dramatically reduces nursing responsibilities for data entry. GlucoCare offers a variety of glycemic control targets as are listed below.  However, no other FDA-cleared insulin dosing calculator offers the ability to target a single glucose level (e.g. 140 mg/dl).  The GlucoCare 140(B) protocol is the first protocol that targets a specific glucose level and not a range…analogous to the field goal kicker.  He is hoping to get the ball anywhere between the uprights but he is AIMING for the middle.Field-Goal-GIF-300x258 GlucoCare’s 140(B) target of 140 mg/dl gives just the right cushion to achieve optimal glucose control while minimizing hypoglycemia, not just < 40 mg/dl but < 70 mg/dl, as well.

  • Multiple Choices for Target Range based on Yale Protocol
    • New – GlucoCare-140B – targets 140 mg/dl and adds mid-protocol insulin boluses
    • New – Customizable Transition from IV to SQ dosing
    • New – GlucoCare-160 mg/dl target
    • New – GlucoCare-140 mg/dl target
    • 100-140 mg/dl, 90-120 mg/dl, 120-140 mg/dl, 140-160 mg/dl  ranges
    • Customized (e.g. Hospital-generated)
  • Sophisticated and Customizable Reminder Alarms
  • Outstanding Quality Assurance and Reporting Features
    • No Nursing “double documentation”
  • Proven lowest hypoglycemia rates compared to other FDA-cleared products available
  • Lowest cost

Better Care for Your Patients

Less Stress for Your Nurses

Lowest Cost for Your Hospital

Lowest Incidence of Hypoglycemia!

We keep it simple…

Simple for your nurses to use…

Simple for your hospital to implement…

Simple for your IT to install…

Simple for your CEO/CFOs to approve…

Installation Options

  • HIPAA-compliant “cloud” installation – dramatically reduces costs and allows for rapid implementation. Available for trials.
  • VMware – no need to purchase additional servers and maintains all data under direct hospital IT oversight
  • Standard server model – we provide a pre-loaded server with GlucoCare


  • Judy Brohm

    “The GlucoCare™ IGC System has enhanced the quality of care for our patients by improving the accuracy, efficiency and safety of our insulin drip protocols. GlucoCare provides the nursing staff with the tools to manage complex hyperglycemic patients and helps us achieve better patient care.”

    Judy Brohm, RN
    Clark Memorial Hospital
    Jeffersonville, IN